History of the RainbowPAC

RainbowPAC is a non-partisan political action committee launched by the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce in 2012 that supports business-positive candidates who are supportive of diversity and LGBT equality, as well as public policy and ballot initiatives that have a positive impact on the Greater Sacramento LGBT community and the business environment of the region.
All funds raised and donations received by RainbowPAC are deposited into a separate PAC account in accordance with California and U.S. election law.

Prior to the launch of RainbowPAC, in 2010 the Rainbow Chamber Governmental Affairs Committee and Chamber leadership played a leading role, in partnership with other Sacramento LGBT organizations, in establishment of the Sacramento LGBT community as a “community of interest” for purposes of redistricting by the City of Sacramento, Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and the SMUD Board. Subsequently, a new central City Council district was established with a voting population supportive of LGBT rights. Several state and local candidates endorsed by RainbowPAC in 2012 were elected to office, including Steve Hansen, the first openly gay Sacramento City Councilmember.

The Chamber Governmental Affairs Committee and RainbowPAC also helped develop and sponsored AB 1960, a bill carried by Assemblymember Roger Dickinson, signed into law in 2012. Under AB 1960, California state agencies for the first time in history began collecting data on vendors doing business with the state that self-identify as LGBT-owned businesses.


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