How to Request RainbowPAC Endorsement

Candidate Endorsement:

Candidates for office from any political party are eligible to be considered for RainbowPAC endorsement.

  1. Complete and submit the online candidate questionnaire by September 14, 2018 for consideration for endorsement in the November 2018 election. PLEASE NOTE: The deadline is past to apply for endorsement for the November 6, 2018, General Election.
  2. The RainbowPAC will reach out to you to inform you if any additional information or an interview is required.
  3. The RainbowPAC Board will consider your questionnaire and any supplemental information provided.
  4. RainbowPAC will contact you to announce your endorsement and any funds awarded.

Legislation or Ballot Measure Endorsement:

  1. Contact and/or submit background information on bill or ballot measure to RainbowPAC Chair at pac@rainbowchamber.com.
  2. Schedule presentation to PAC Committee as needed.
  3. RainbowPAC Committee recommends endorsement or no endorsement to Rainbow Chamber Board of Directors based on measure’s relevance to business, economic development and/or LGBT rights.
  4. RainbowPAC schedules presentation and vote at upcoming Chamber event or email vote to Chamber membership.

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