The Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce is now seeking candidates for the Rainbow Chamber Board of Directors. Five board seats are open for election in August. Each new board member will be elected to a two-year term. New board officers—president, vice president, secretary and treasurer—will be appointed by the newly elected board at the September board meeting.

All candidates for the Chamber board must be an SacRCC member in good standing and must be nominated by another chamber member in good standing. The easiest way to nominate someone is to fill out the online Nomination Form. Once nominated, each candidate must fill out and submit a Board Application Form. Nominations must be made online or in person by the end of the Chamber mixer on July 18th where the list of all nominees will be submitted to the membership at the SacRCC. Nominations may be made by members from the floor at this mixer and will mark the close of nominations.

Electronic voting will begin one week prior to the Rainbow Chamber August Mixer on August 15. Each voting member in good standing will receive an e-mail containing log-in information in order to vote. Only one designated voting member is allowed for each member business. In-person voting also will be available at the SacRCC August Mixer on Tuesday, August 15. Winning candidates will be announced that night.

For more information about nominations or board elections, call the SacRCC office at 916-266-9630 or e-mail businessmanager (at)