CaresCommunityHealthDiabetes is a serious health condition, but if blood sugar levels are controlled, you can live a healthy life. There are tools available to help people with diabetes exercise, manage blood sugar levels effectively, and have a healthy diet that includes the foods you love, such as fruits, breads, and sweets in moderation.

Diabetes is a metabolism problem. The body is no longer able to use insulin or doesn’t produce enough to get sugar into the cells to make energy. This results in high amounts of sugar in the blood, which causes damage to blood vessel s and nerves and can lead to health problems such as heart disease, poor vision, kidney problems and amputation.

Many people don’t recognize the symptoms of diabetes, and their condition goes undiagnosed. Symptoms may be urinating often, feeling very thirsty, extreme fatigue, or slow healing cuts. The longer your diabetes goes untreated, the higher your risk for developing health problems.

Getting diagnosed with diabetes can result in emotions of fear, disbelief, anger, guilt, stress and a sense of loss of control. Talking with your provider, reading educational materials, and talking with family can help you handle these challenges. Make a list of things you can do daily for good health and start doing them one by one.

Learn about your risk for diabetes, track symptoms, and work with your doctor, dietitian, pharmacist, and diabetes educator to manage your health. The earlier you understand your health status, the more you can do to prevent and improve health problems. Diabetes is a chronic condition that can develop at any age, but when managed well with balanced food choices, physical activity, and the help of medication if necessary, you can live a long life with diabetes.


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Margie Erwin, RD, Certified Diabetes Educator