Lavendar Heights Project Donation

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All donors will receive a donation thank you letter for your 2015 taxes.

Tax-deductible donation to the Lavender Heights Project via the Rainbow Chamber Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Federal Tax ID 26-1258918.

Thank you to our generous donors:
Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce
Sacramento LGBT Community Center
David Carr
John Woodward
Michael Sestak
Ian Montgomery
Paul Weubbe
Bonnie Osborn
Heath Buckmaster
Falcon F. Lee
Gary B. Ferderer
Jason McCoy
Eric Brummer
Michael Olman
Nicole Ruszczycky
Ralph West
John Linker
Catherine Smith
Robert Longer
Patrick Riordan
Mark Peters
Adele Sakler
Elizabeth Campbell
Aaron Avery
Laura Braden
Charles Malone & Roger Lundberg
Jacques Graber
First United Methodist Church
Court of the Great Northwest Imperial Empire
The Depot