LGBT Chamber Will Work to Defend Recent Advances in LGBT Equality

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Blog, Featured, LGBT Equality, LGBT Rights, News & Events, Public Policy, RainbowPAC

RCC-Current-LogoChamber President Richard Hernandez: Potential Loss of Legal Protections Would Harm LGBT Families, Business Owners & Economy

Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce President Richard Hernandez has released the following statement on behalf of the Chamber Board of Directors in regard to the 2016 Presidential election:

“The Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce fully supports the U.S. electoral process and holds the will of U.S. voters in the highest regard. The stated anti-LGBT positions of President-elect Donald Trump during the campaign and the demonstrated anti-LGBT policies of Vice President-elect Mike Pence during his legislative career and governorship are cause for concern to our Chamber and the LGBT business owners and professionals we represent.

“Equally troubling are the Trump-Pence ticket’s positions or campaign rhetoric on immigration, international relations, global trade, religious freedom, the free press, women and ethnic minorities.

“Recent advances in LGBT equality, including the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide, laws prohibiting discrimination in housing, employment and contracting opportunities, and laws aimed at deterring anti-LGBT hate crimes and harassment have not only benefited LGBT families and business owners, but have strengthened our state and nation within the global marketplace. Equality is good for business.

“As business owners and community leaders, we are committed to ensuring these advances are not revoked and to seeking opportunities to work with all individuals and organizations, regardless of political affiliation, who are committed to economic prosperity, the betterment of our community and the values of diversity, inclusion and equality for all.”


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