Statement on Orlando Shooting & Donation Link

Statement on Orlando Shooting & Donation Link

Rainbow Chamber Statement on Orlando Shooting
Following is a statement on behalf of the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce from Chamber President Paul Weubbe:

The members of the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce extend our condolences and prayers to the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, their families and loved ones, and the people of Orlando.

The Chamber’s mission is to support LGBTQ business owners and allies with resources to help them succeed and prosper. With implementation of recent state and federal laws and policies, the LGBT business community is stronger and more successful than ever before.

As an LGBT Chamber, we understand that the LGBT-owned or -accepting restaurant, shop or nightclub in any city or town often becomes a local gathering place, sought out by members of our community as a refuge, a place where they can feel safe and comfortable in expressing themselves without fear of judgment or harassment. For that reason, an attack on one of these businesses is particularly heart-wrenching.

In the face of our sadness over the senseless Orlando attack, we urge everyone to respond, not by hiding in fear, but by celebrating “Pride Over Prejudice,” as we come together to end bigotry and hatred. We urge everyone to support our local LGBT-owned businesses and the many businesses and organizations that visibly support our LGBT community by contributing to our causes, sponsoring our organizations and participating in our public events.

The best way to refute the hate demonstrated in the Orlando shooting is to continue to succeed and prosper. The best result that can come from this tragic act is that we emerge better as people, stronger as a community, and more open and accepting as a nation.

To donate to those impacted by the Orlando shooting, visit