From President Paul Weubbe: #SCOTUSMarriage Decision

From President Paul Weubbe: #SCOTUSMarriage Decision

#SCOTUSMarriage Sacramento Rainbow Chamber June 26, SACRAMENTO—Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce President Paul Weubbe issued the following statement on behalf of the Chamber board of directors in response to today’s historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage:

“With today’s Supreme Court ruling that the U.S. Constitution gives LGBT people the equal right to marry whom they choose, the movement for LGBT equality has taken an enormous step forward,” Weubbe said. “In parts of the country where bans on same-sex marriage are in place and legal recognition is denied, thousands of LGBT couples have been denied health and financial benefits afforded to heterosexual married couples and often forced to go through expensive legal measures in order to ensure their parental rights and protect their children. While we know in many places the judicial and legislative wheels will turn slowly, with today’s ruling we know that, over time, those barriers to the wellbeing and prosperity of LGBT Americans will come down.

“However, it’s important that we don’t forget that there is still no federal law protecting LGBT people from being fired from their jobs, evicted from housing, or refused service simply because of their sexual orientation, and in many places, those types of discrimination still exist.

“The Sacramento Rainbow Chamber is proud to join the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and its 42 affiliate chambers in celebrating today’s tremendous court victory and in vowing to renew our efforts to ensure that no family, employee or business owner suffers discrimination simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Sacramento Rainbow PAC Endorses Hansen, Kerth for City Council

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Sacramento Rainbow PAC Endorses Hansen, Kerth for City Council

Cooley, Johnson, Pannell Among Those Endorsed by Non-Partisan Business PAC

April 3, SACRAMENTO—A political action committee launched recently by the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce has endorsed candidates in two hotly contested Sacramento City Council races: Genentech executive and openly gay community activist Steve Hansen for Council District 4, and former City Council member and current SMUD Board of Director Rob Kerth for Council District 2. “I look forward to working very closely with [the] Rainbow Chamber as we expand business opportunities for everyone throughout Sacramento,” Kerth said.

“The Rainbow Chamber works tirelessly to foster a healthy economy in Sacramento, and I’m proud to have their support as we redouble our efforts to get Sacramento back in the black,” Hansen said. If elected, Hansen would be the first openly gay member of the Sacramento City Council.

Launched in February 2012, the Chamber’s Rainbow PAC supports candidates and issues that foster equality, inclusion and a prosperous business environment. Rainbow PAC Chair Dr. Darrick Lawson said the PAC fills a need for a non-partisan, business-positive PAC committed to LGBT equality and other issues of fairness and inclusion. “The Rainbow PAC will allow LGBT people of all political persuasions to have a voice in the political process,” Lawson said, “as well as support candidates and policies that promote business growth and job creation.”

At its first endorsement meeting, Rainbow PAC endorsed candidates in a number of other local-regional races, including incumbent Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who recently pledged his support of same-sex marriage by joining the national initiative “Mayors for the Freedom to Marry.” Other endorsements include Dr. Richard Pan for State Assembly District 9, who recently introduced AB 1505 to help California LGBT veterans; Rancho Cordova City Councilmember Ken Cooley for State Assembly District 8; incumbent Assemblymember Roger Dickinson for State Assembly District 7, who introduced AB 1960 to help California LGBT small business be counted within state contracting reports; and Sacramento City Council incumbents Kevin McCarty for Council District 7 and Bonnie Pannell for Council District 8, who are not known to be aligned with Mayor Johnson on issues like city redistricting, the new downtown entertainment sports complex, and most recently the city’s sewer-water plan and infrastructure.

Other Rainbow PAC endorsements include Rep. Doris Matsui for Congressional District 6 and Jack Uppal for Congressional District 4; Sacramento County Board of Supervisor candidates Jeff Kravitz for District 3 and Gary N. Blenner for District 4.; business owner Greg Higley for Elk Grove Mayor; and Twin Rivers Unified School District Trustee candidates Walter Garcia Kawamoto, Ph.D., Cortez Quinn, and Annette Emery.

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Established in 2012, the RainbowPAC supports candidates for public office and ballot initiatives that will have an impact on the Sacramento area’s LGBT community and its many businesses and enhance the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce members’ awareness of political and social issues, visit