RCC Members May Apply to Host Paid Intern

Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce members are invited to apply for placement of an intern in your business, with a $1,000 stipend paid by the Rainbow Chamber Foundation.

The Rainbow Chamber Foundation recently launched its first Internship Award program to provide motivate and assist qualified LGBT or supportive students with work experience and training. In order to qualify, intern applicants must be able to complete a six-week internship located in the Sacramento region within 12 months of receiving the award. A completed application form and supporting materials must be submitted by August 1. The intern award winner will be selected by the Chamber’s Scholarship/Internship Selection Committee. The Foundation will provide a stipend of at least $1,000 to the intern award winner. The winner will be notified in writing no later than Sept. 5. For more information about the internship, visit https://www.rainbowchamber.com/foundation/internship/.

RCC member companies who would like to host a paid intern must also submit a completed application online by end of day August 1. The winning intern will be matched with a qualifying RCC member business based on the intern’s interest and field of study. For more information about hosting a paid Rainbow Chamber Foundation inter, visit https://www.rainbowchamber.com/business-sponsor-internship/

Applications also are being accepted for the Rainbow Chamber Foundation Scholarship awards. Four $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to qualified LGBT or supportive students. In order to qualify, scholarship applicants must be enrolled in the 12th grade of high school or in a university or college, or a qualified vocational school, or intend to be so enrolled in September 2013, and must have a minimum 2.9 cumulative grade point average. Deadline to apply is August 1, and winners will be notified in writing no later than Sept. 5. To learn more about the Rainbow Chamber Foundation Scholarship, please visit https://www.rainbowchamber.com/foundation/scholarship/.