z – Committees

The Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce has several committees in which members can be involved.  Ask a board member about Ambassadors, Event Check-ins, Drag Queen Bingo, Gala, and Pride float and booth participation.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Rainbow Chamber Diversity and Inclusion Committee strives to develop a membership and leadership that reflect the unique and diverse makeup of the Sacramento region.  The Committee measures and seeks to develop diversity in the areas of business size and type, socioeconomic status, education, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and gender. The Committee believes that by fostering diversity among its membership and leadership, it can obtain viewpoints from various demographics and use that information to strategically advance the business interests of its membership as a whole.

In addition to fostering business opportunities for our ever-diverse membership, the Diversity Committee also seeks to develop relationships with the various other chambers in the Sacramento region in order to identify and pursue mutual goals related to business and community development.